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The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers

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The home of songwriting for all songwriters, composers, singer songwriters, performing artistes, lyricists, DJs, poets and all those involved in the music industry whatever your age or experience 

Welcome to our website where you will find information on songwriting, composing and music publishing for songwriters, composers, lyricists, musicians, performing singer-songwriters, artistes, groups, bands, singers, djs, producers, copyright owners, poets, publishers, record companies, record labels, management companies, studio owners, in fact all those with an interest in the music industry (where those personnel are represented by the Guild as members) and many aspects of songwriting, composing, lyric writing, performing, singing, recording, music publishing, copyright protection, songwriting contests, management, songwriter collaborations and songwriting partnerships, songwriting assessments, song promotions, music industry contacts.

As a songwriter, lyricist or music composer do you ever ask yourself
"How do I progress from my current status of being an amateur, semi pro or professional?"

Analysis of your current situation will help you begin moving in the right direction with your songwriting, composing, recording and business developments. You may be a novice songwriter, composer, artiste or you may be established and require a better understanding of issues that need further explanation and clarification. As a Guild member, talking to us will help us to identify your specific aims in the music industry and try to help you with your market direction for exploitation of your copyrights and performances and understanding of how to get your money being royalties from the exploitation of your copyrights and performances. Our member consultants work full time in the music industry as music publishers, record company owners, producers, distributors and promotors, and are experienced professionals.

Membership Benefits

As soon as you become a member of The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers
you will have access to the following range of benefits & services 

Free Copyright Service

Copyright protection for your songs

 Song Assessment Service

Songs analysed by A & R personnel 

Collaboration  Service

Work with other writers & composers

Consultancy Service

Advice on songwriting & music publishing

Investigation Service

Advice on dealing with reputable people and companies

Songwriting and
Composing Magazine

Songwriting tips, industry contacts, competitions, member profiles and more

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Established in 1986,  the Guild's International Copyright / Intellectual Property Rights registration service is FREE to members. Protect & Register your Copyrights through our instant online or postal copyright registration service 

Songs and Instrumental Music Wanted

The music industry is always seeking new songs for singers, bands, record labels, music publishers , producers, management companies, etc. New songs and artiste performances are the "life blood" of the music industry. Production companies, production library publishers, radio, tv, film, audio-visual, advertising, multimedia and games industries world wide are always seeking quality tracks for programming and use.


Songwriting, Composing, Performing: If you perform a song or composition, written by yourself, in any venue you could be due a payment for your songwriting performances. This counts for any genre of music so if you are playing a gig in your local pub, community centre, hotel, in a club, or a jazz recital or performing your classical piece at a music society, you can make a claim for royalties for your songwriting performances. (public performance, broadcasting, streaming, download, mechanical songwriting licensing royalties) (performing artiste / singer songwriter royalties)

As a Guild member we can work with you to ensure that you understand how to make claims to receive royalties.


Many Guild members inquire from us about the various and different types of publishing deals and contracts that are available to them and have been offered to them. In past publications of our Songwriting & Composing Magazine we have printed detailed specific terms and conditions that should be inherent in any publishing deal offered in contracts of the "single song assignment" agreement and the "exclusive songwriting agreement" that could be classified as the traditional type of publishing agreement. 

However there are different rights of assignments that songwriters and composers can be offered and enter into, being administration agreements, co-publishing agreements, income participation agreements, agreement to represent your catalogue of self published works, self pubshing agreements, step deals, and of course you could be party to a deal that affects your royalty income where any publisher that you have signed to under a traditional type of agreement where the publisher assigns their catalogue of works to another publisher under a sub-publishing deal. The Guild can help members with any agreements that have been offered in terms of understanding the fairness of terms and conditions contained in any agreement and the agreements suitability for your purposes.

This is one of our various free service to Guild members 

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Support for the UK Songwriting Contest competition comes from heavyweights of the music industry, The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. (
and the BRIT Trust (of BRIT Awards fame)


Production Music (also known as library music) is high quality and cost-effective music specifically written for synchronisation or dubbing into audio and audio-visual productions, from TV to radio adverts to films, multimedia, websites and even viral marketing campaigns. The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) (part of the PRSforMusic group) represents 600,000+ tracks and sound effects from over 200 libraries spanning all genres of music. If you are unfamiliar with the workings of The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) or your right to receive royalties from your songwriting, composing or you wish to make contact with production music library companies, then as a Guild member we can help.

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